•  Competitive/Examination Programs
  • Competitive Dance Classes

    A well rounded child embraces the opportunity to develop his or her potential to the fullest in all areas of life. We at LLDS strive to limit the schedule of the full competitive dancer to 2 week nights and Saturday classes at our state-of-the-art dance studios in Stoney Creek. Novice (first time) and young dancers can experience the joy of competitive dance with a schedule of 1 day per week. It is of the utmost importance to dedicate equal amounts of time for academics as well as a social life.

    Talented students who wish to further their dance training often seek to test their mettle in the challenging arena of competitive dance.

  • Many of our dedicated students are members of the LLDS Dancers, our Competitive Dance Company. They compete through Southern Ontario (and beyond!) at dance competitions which invite various dance studios to field their best dancers in a friendly, but competitive atmosphere  (the thrill of victory, the agony of de feet!). The LLDS Dancers are highly successful, and consistently rank among among the finest at our competitive performances - we are extremely proud of their achievements. While members must strive to apply themselves in rehearsal and performance, we expect students to maintain a high academic standard at school and enjoy healthy eating habits.

    Although we encourage the LLDS Dancers to always put forth their best effort, we stress that one must compete in a spirit of good sportsmanship and graceful acceptance of the outcome. Winning cannot be everything. Indeed, the greatest reward from belonging to the LLDS Dancers comes from the camaraderie of one's team mates, and the confidence and focus that one learns from diligent application towards a goal. Past members always speak fondly of the fun, excitement, teamwork and experiences of being part of theLLDS Dance Company.

    Students may participate as part of a team of dancers in a particular age and dance category (i.e. jazz 12 years and under) or for more advanced students, as solos, duets or trios. The Competitive Programme is rewarding in so many ways and may serve as a preparation for a professional career in dance, but in all cases it is a thrilling opportunity to perform and stretch the limits of one's dance abilities.

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