• Philosophy

    You should choose your dance studio as carefully as you would choose your doctor or dentist. At LLDS, we are proud of the reputation we have earned in over 65 years we have had the privilege to teach dance. We provide the highest standard of instruction and care. Our children are our most precious assets. It is an honour to be entrusted with their artistic training. 

    "As the twig is bent, so grows the tree..."

  • About Us

    Dance is an educational, fun and healthy activity that improves the coordination of your child, and promotes quick thinking, discipline and self  confidence. There are no short cuts to good dancing.  It is important from the very beginning that children are taught the proper basics. At LLDS, we strive to provide the best possible training in a fun and healthy environment. 

    Established in 1946, LLDS has consistently achieved a healthy combination of fun and discipline for its students. The latest and most innovative dance forms and techniques are taught in an atmosphere of respect for the long and glorious tradition of dance.

    Miss Laxton 

    Lois Laxton is the Founding Director of the Lois Laxton Dance Studio. Miss Laxton first established her studio in 1946 in her family's livingroom, little dreaming that from such modest beginnings she would go on to create a legacy and reputation that would span generations and earn distinction and accolades throughout the dance community.

    Three generations of aspiring dancers have since enjoyed the benefit or her expertise, experience and wisdom, and her teaching and artistic career has been officially honored and recognized by the City of Hamilton. Lois Laxton's stage experience began in the early 40's, when she performed for the Armed Forces during World War II in the cast of the Victory Entertainers. She continues to actively follow her dream, teaching and inspiring students and mentoring and advising dance instructors.

    Throughout her long career, Miss Laxton has also been instrumental in creating and administering dance instruction at the highest levels. Miss Laxton is a Past President and a Life Member of the Canadian Dance Teachers Association (CDTA), having also served for many years on its Executive Board, and acted as Ballet Chairman for the province of Ontario. Throughout her teaching career, Miss Laxton has encouraged the development and enjoyment of dance by traveling to remote communities throughout Canada to instruct teachers in the CDTA syllabus and act as an official Examiner in the Ballet, Jazz and Tap disciplines. Miss Laxton life's work has been to foster a love of dance and an appreciation of its benefits at every level, and her contributions to the dance community have earned her the admiration and respect of her peers. Miss Laxton has been recognized as an honorary member of the Performing Arts Educators of Canada (PAEC).

    Her infectious delight in dance and love of children has made Miss Laxton an icon in the dance community. If you meet someone who has studied dance, chances are they will know Miss Laxton. Reflecting on her long and distinguished career, Miss Laxton has stated that her greatest reward is her daughter Elyse, who has followed in her dance steps.